Voting Integrity Section

All states shall coordinate their political party primary elections to be run & maintained in a similar fashion, with all parties participating in an official election.

Both partisan primaries and general election results shall follow the Ranked Choice voting/Instant runoff method.

All elections shall use the Federal Database to determine eligible voters.

All elections shall use paper ballots able to be scanned into a vote tabulator which produces a paper receipt for the voter, detailing all votes cast for each office & ballot proposal, and containing a unique, randomized alphanumeric sequence. Election results shall be hand-counted in every precinct in full public view. Any electronic tabulation must include a printout containing each random alphanumeric sequence and it’s corresponding ballot, so voters can re-check the integrity of their individual vote privately.

All voting tabulation machines must be kept in public view and under live video feed at all times, even if they are in a locked storage facility. All states & precincts shall base their voting methods on national & international best practices, and any voting machinery must be open source. No corporate entity shall receive, transmit, record, or alter any voting results.

Conversion of Congress to Partial Parliamentary System & Update of Electoral College

(This section is merely a starting point for the debate on how many reps are in the US House, how they are apportioned, how many members are in the Senate, and how they are chosen. These numbers obviously have a big impact on the Electoral College, which can either be updated or scrapped.)

The US House shall consist of representatives chosen from Congressional districts no larger than 400,000 citizens (800,000 in cities over 10 million population).

Each district shall have similar populations, even if district boundaries have to cross state lines.

The US Senate shall be chosen by a regional parliamentary election, consisting of 4 regional districts, each representing 1/4 of the US population, grouped by geography, and consist of a total of 1/4 the size of the US House.

Each Congressional district shall send one elector to the Electoral College. Each Senate District will send a number of Electors equal to the number of Senators. Each State shall send one Elector each.

Congressional Restraint Section

Any person running for any political office is barred from raising money to campaign for that position. While running for office, all business assets in excess of $1,000,000 (2020 dollars adj) shall be placed in a blind trust for the duration of the campaign and until the end of their term, shall they become elected. Once the signature requirement to get on the ballot for any given office is reached, that candidate will have access to Local, State, and/or Federal election funds. The Federal database shall implement a campaign section where citizens can ask candidates questions and candidates can make their views known.

Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.

Treasury Department shall issue debt-free US Dollars for all appropriation bills, Basic Income, Social Security, Military & Veteran pay and health care, and all government debt repayment. If Congress does not authorize funding, Treasury is permitted to issue such monies as is needed to pay soldiers, veterans, government employees, and citizens their due.

Congressional tax policy will have the goals of reducing the formation of an aristocracy and/or oligarchy, reducing wealth inequality, preventing corporate looting, maintaining long-term stability, restraining inflation while helping individuals, families, and companies reinvest in America, and aiding the restoration of Earth’s biosphere.

Congress and State Legislatures shall not prevent the formation of State banks to hold public debt, provide banking services to citizens, farms, and business, and leverage capital into long term financing for state projects.

Neither Congress nor the President shall have the authority to send troops to foreign nations or make war in foreign lands without a majority vote of US citizens.

State Legislatures and the US Congress do not have power to create National or State Congressional districts or any other political district boundaries. After every census, House & Senate districts shall be determined by nonpartisan state councils, made up of no fewer than 4 residents of each Congressional district and 4 at-large delegates from each state, and approved by the citizens of each state or district.

All State legislatures will be replaced by a bicameral semi-parliamentary system. Each State House will represent districts of no larger than 75,000 persons. Each State Senate will be half the size, elected at-large throughout the state via parliamentary elections.

Executive Restraint Section

The President shall not use or direct US government resources, personnel, or armed forces to attempt or execute regime change or any other military or covert action in a foreign nation without the majority vote of Congress AND a majority vote of citizens. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the loss of sovereign immunity for the offending President, Congress, and any advisors, and is an impeachable offense.

If the President, His advisors, Congress, any State House, or any government official commits torture or war crimes, on US soil or in foreign lands, that person shall be open to impeachment, loss of sovereign immunity, and, if it is the will of the people, be turned over to an appropriate international tribunal.

The president shall not enter into any treaty with a foreign nation or international institution without the majority consent of the Congress OR the Citizens.

All government documents & records shall be made available on the Federal Database for any US citizen to view. Classified material may be redacted, but is still open to a Grand Jury to investigate. Due diligence will be made to ensure that all members of such Grand Juries are screened for security purposes, and given the opportunity to earn a security clearance.

Corporate Restraint Section

Corporations are not US citizens. Corporations have their rights assigned to them by Congress, the States, and the People.

Corporations and other legal constructs, including non-profit organizations, political action committees, and any other non-human entity are not US citizens.

If the citizens of the United States decide a corporation or non-human entity has become harmful to life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness, or violates any other enumerated right, it is the right of the citizens of any state, or of the entire country, to fine, abolish, dismantle, and/or revoke the corporate charter of that entity.

Citizen Democratic Rights Section

The UN Charter of Universal Human Rights shall be adopted, ver batim, as enumerated rights for US citizens.

The Federal government shall maintain a secure database, (secured by the best encryption technology widely available) of all US citizens and legal permanent & temporary residents, so as to be able to issue national ID cards that can prove a person’s birthplace, citizenship status, state of residence, voting precinct, and other pertinent information. Citizens shall have access to electronic interface to the database in order to create & sign petitions directed at any level of government. If they meet signature thresholds, such petitions may carry the legal force of law, and/or be added to the next major election to be voted upon by citizens.

The US Postal Service shall charter a national bank, accessible electronically and in every Post Office branch. Competitively priced banking, money transfer, document reproduction, and tax services shall be offered by the bank to any US citizen. The bank will coordinate with the US Treasury & IRS regarding reserve rates, interest rates, and Basic Income & tax payments. Any profits from the bank will be used to set aside a 5% emergency cash reserve for the bank. Any profits beyond that will be divided among all citizens as a dividend to Basic Income.

Every US citizen shall receive a minimum Basic Income of $12,000 per year in 2020 Dollars, weighted for inflation based on a composite of the Federal Reserve and top 3 inflation indices (These indices must include energy, food, housing, education, and health care in their metrics). This money shall be deposited in a Post Office bank account corresponding to the secure ID of each citizen. No act of Congress or the people, other than a constitutional amendment, can change this basic income.

All citizens retain the right to own, germinate, grow, manufacture, transport, refine, process, cook with, sell, use, eat, imbibe, possess, distribute, disseminate, give away, modify, and verify the purity of Industrial, Vegetable, Recreational, and Medicinal Hemp & Cannabis. Excise taxes shall not exceed 10%, unless in case of national emergency. No government body or edict can infringe on this right.

Should the need arise for it, this amendment will Allow for a citizen’s impeachment for any Supreme Court justice, President, or other public office holder or Federal employee.

Native American Rights Section

All Constitutional protections & privileges shall be bestowed upon all Native American tribes that have ever been recognized by any US treaty.

Prisoner’s Bill of Rights

Any person accused of a crime by a government prosecutor or other attorney, law enforcement agency, or other federal, state, or local agency has a right to one month basic income to hire defense counsel.

After arrest but before being incarcerated, every person has a right to call or electronically message family, friends, work, an attorney, and use an internet search to find legal aid.

All jails, prisons, work camps, and detention centers are to be government owned-and-run, and subject to citizen oversight.

Prisoners will grow and prepare as much of their own food as is feasible.

Proper medical care and living conditions shall be maintained in all detention facilities.

Educational & vocational opportunities shall be made available

No prisoner may be paid less than 1/3 Federal minimum wage for work, or charged more than 35% of total income (including Basic Income) for housing.

Prisoners cannot be kept in solitary confinement more than 24 hours per week without Grand Jury oversight.

Federal Agency Restraint Section

Upon ratification of these amendments, each Federal agency will seek citizen, business, and scholarly input via the Federal Database. After no more than 18 months of debate, the most popular proposals for each agency will be adopted into a Core Mission & Objectives for that agency. Appointees & Employees of these agencies will do their best to create, enact, and enforce rules & regulations that abide by these Core Missions & Objectives without interfering with basic liberty. Failure to do so will be an impeachable offense.

All Federal agencies shall be required to abide by their Core Mission & Objectives and implement rules & regulations in a fair & just manner that includes input from citizens. At least once every ten years, each Federal agency will use the Federal Database to elicit input from any or all citizens to direct their Core Mission & Objectives.

More to come soon. Suggestions welcome.

Legal notices
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