Rebuttal to “5 Inequality Myths” by Learn Liberty

1) Yes, business provide services to communities.Communists are mostly wrong. Surplus value exists beyond plunder.

How about End free Fed money to banks & end buying stocks on margin? (no value created). State Banks like North Dakota’s can assist states to provide services and fund infrastructure at half the cost. Huge tax cuts Nationalize all insurance risk pools and reinvest profits to communities and rate reduction. Allow for private selling and reinsurance. Public sector stabilizing the private sector. Congress can stop making phony NASA contracts; the existing companies can bid on launches.

Food, manufacturing, marketing, tech, agriculture, and health delivery, and so on can all be free-market competitive. A Post Office Bank can compete with Credit Unions. Public competes with private.

2) Once again – communists get it somewhat wrong – socialism focuses on equality of opportunity, acknowledging hierarchy exists. Hence the fundamental rift between democratic socialists and state-socialist communists.

3) While many make more money as they grow older and presumably more skilled. Inequality is comparing the person who started at $10,000 per year full time, and is now at $22,000 per year full time to a person who started $30,000 full time and ended up making $50,000/year in the next decade. Many go to their graves working minimum wage jobs. Socialism says we get a safety net like Basic Income, education, and single-payer health care, not some communist “same wage for all” myth. Over time – America now has less opportunity for the bottom 40% than 40 years ago.

4) Upon very close inspection of the graph, the $100-$150k range has actually decreased in every metric since the year 2000, while the next two brackets have held steady since 2000. These are mid-to-high skill professionals, which made sense for those who went to college in the 80’s & 90’s, before massive tuition hikes. New household formation belies the myth of a burgeoning monied upper class. I noticed that you used the #4 myth to create your own myth. The American population has aged since 1970. Those former middle class workers accumulated wealth, and a few financial professionals have shot themselves up into the stratosphere since the 1980’s.

On the bottom end, desperate poverty is only down 2.5% since 1970, and the percentage of working poor households below $35k per year is just as bad. The next two categories, the former middle-class boomers, are hollowed out, yes. Those workers moved up the ladder over the decades, thanks to their skills, training, and government-subsidized higher education. $75-$100k, which is comfortable living in the midwest, is the same as then.

5) Cheap foreign goods, purchased on the backs of a hollowed out, debt-ridden economy have indeed raised the material standard of living for the upper 75% of America. Technology can help reduce inequality, but we’ve done so at the cost of the environment. Gasoline Lead poisoning that caused decades of crime waves ended, helping America decrease crime. Now we have a new problem with failing water systems. All the global statistics don’t have anything to do with America, other than our contribution to China and India’s socialist and communist poverty reduction with our offshoring and outsourcing.

All of this economic growth on the back of the biosphere threatens the living of anyone who plans to survive beyond 2060 or so. Better energy and manufacturing tech, more efficiency is indeed the answer. Don’t say that 2.5% decrease in poverty since 1970 means that America is solving our inequality problem. Wealth is trickling up to the few who have it.

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