My Election Thoughts

I wrote this 10 days before the election and tried to get it published in newspapers. Here it is, so folks understand my thoughts:


WE live in a world where the rich feel they are entitled to everything – paying absolutely no taxes, anywhere on Earth, to bribe our politicians and plunder government treasuries with crony contracts, while expecting all the business necessities, from trained workers to functioning infrastructure, at zero cost. In this same world, millions of people believe that the working poor, the sick, the disabled, and the elderly are entitled to nothing but the worst housing, nonexistent mass transit, and a pittance for food. The soldiers who fight in our wars, our students, the people who harvest food, upkeep our bars, hotels, & restaurants and clean our schools, offices, & factories are living in an entirely different America than the IT professionals, white collar office workers, national level journalists, pundits, commentators, actors, and politicians are living in.

The worst thing is that the “last hope of average folks” has been sold to us as Donald Trump, a man who represents the worst of wealth, entitlement, privilege, and government bribing. His proposed massive tax cuts would harm the poorest and most vulnerable in America first. Based on Trump’s rhetoric, SCOTUS picks, and choice of GOP stalwart Mike Pence as running mate, we can expect more of the failed George W Bush policies that led to the implosion of the Federal workforce and the eventual near-collapse of our economy. The massive costs of a huge border wall and millions more deportations will surely lead to road & highway cuts, more cuts to food aid, universities, and other services America needs. We will likely see more devastating school closures, not just in poor inner-city or rural districts anymore, but possibly even in working-class suburban districts. The middle class will suffer, too. Anyone with retirement & investment accounts tied to the stock market will take a huge hit to their portfolio. Housing values may collapse again. This could easily turn viral into another global economic slowdown. Now it’s unlikely that Congress would really be that reckless, but then again, can we really be sure?

The second worst thing is that the other person who is being sold as the “champion of the little people” is another aristocratic oligarch – Hillary Clinton. Her record at State Department leaves a trail of bodies and failed states all over the world. Honduras, where she refused to reinstate the rightful president after an illegal right wing coup, and called instead for new elections, which were run by criminal gangs, is now in shambles. When the Organization of American states refused to recognize the election, Hillary pressured them to accept the new, right-wing government. When criminal gangs took over the country, and started killing people, including indigenous rights environmental activist Berta Cacares, refugees began fleeing. The same woman who stood by while criminals destabilized their country, Hillary Clinton, then denied asylum to almost all of these refugees, mostly women and children. In Syria,the CIA has given weapons to Al Qaeda affiliated groups, who started a revolution that gave rise to Daesh, who then destroyed priceless artifacts, temples, & historic sites in Palmyra and elsewhere. In Libya, the CIA gave weapons to groups affiliated with Al Qaeda terrorists, who then overthrew the government, with US and NATO help. We destroyed the largest public irrigation project in all of Africa and turned cities to rubble. After creating a power vacuum, NATO simply packed up & left. Daesh now uses Libya as a base to continue their reign of terror in the Middle East. In Europe, American agents & provocateurs instigated the putsch in Ukraine, destabilizing that nation, and giving Russia the perfect excuse to take back Crimea, setting off a conflict with the RUssians that continues today. Now Hillary is continuing war rhetoric against Russia, promising a new Cold War that will likely bankrupt America. On top of that, she STILL doesn’t personally condone gay marriage, she used a private server to avoid the transparency of FOIA, and now, numerous e-mail leaks prove that her staff and top DNC officials conspired to thwart the campaign of Bernie Sanders, which they succeeded at. This loss for Bernie is pending five – yes five Election Fraud cases currently making their way through Federal court.

The third worst thing is that the corporate media first gave rise to Trump with billions of dollars in free air time, while ignoring Bernie’s historic rise until it became impossible not to. In general, corporate media has consistently played up Trump’s many scandals while seeming to never mention Haiti, Honduras, Ukraine, or the CIA gun-running in Libya & Syria. They failed to put Jill Stein or Gary Johnson on their polls, leaving a huge blind spot of “undecided” voters, even less than 2 weeks from the election. Cable news & radio talking heads sat around, acknowledging that the “major parties” fielded the two most hated people in America, yet had eyes covered, seeing no other candidates; ears covered, hearing no other candidates; and mouths sealed, never, ever bothering to mention Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, other than to deride them for being “too fringe” after a few minor gaffes, and declaring they will “never win” in what appears to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m not going to tell you how to vote, I’m just going to tell you the truth. Even if the states with no-paper-trail, easily hackable voting machines aren’t rigged, even if people aren’t bussed around in states like NY where poll workers legally can NOT ask for ID at the polls, this election is rigged. The choices were pre-selected, the corporate media was in on the game, and the only difference anyone can hope to make is at a local & state level, or by helping a third party candidate get their “Five Percent Victory” in the presidential race.

Yes, third parties can win this November with only 5 percent of the vote. “Win what?” you ask. I’m glad you asked! Third parties can win millions of dollars in prizes simply for getting 5% of the national popular vote. Not even any Electoral College votes, just 5% overall. This gives them 50 state ballot access in 2020, and access to Federal Matching Funds. This is worth millions of dollars to the Green Party especially, but also the Libertarians, as both parties expect a media boost if they are dubbed “national parties” in 2020.

Hillary’s base, the Democratic Party base, is slightly larger than the fervent base of Donald Trump supporters. Many traditional Republicans and conservatives may sit out this election. The impetus is not on third party voters, but the Democratic base itself. Millions more people will stay home on Nov 8 than will vote third party. Those voters can easily defeat Trump – IF they recognize their own power and go to the polls.

If you’re mad at me after reading this, perhaps because I shattered your illusions about a candidate, do what Obama has been saying – “Don’t boo, vote” – and get your neighbors, friends, & like-minded family to do the same!

~ Progressive Rebel @ProgRebel @Sapiocrat1 on Twitter

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