Let’s Get The Comments Rolling!

Over the past 2 months, there have been over 200 visitors to this page, even though we haven’t spent one dime promoting the site. This is a good thing – it means that people are learning about this project and sharing it with others. Keep up the momentum, folks! Sharing the Facebook link ( fb.me/ReviveDemocracy ) the Twitter handle (@21CentBill and @ProgRebel)  or the address of this page once week can continue to help grow this organic momentum.

Here’s the thing, though. This project is not intended to be a one man show, or to sit on a shelf as a failed dream. We need to hear back from folks who have ideas for the project, or want to donate, or who want to become delegates to the upcoming Constitutional Convention. Maybe you are a superstar and want to do all three!

I know these blog posts aren’t the best forum, but they do allow readers to leave comments. Should we get a forum on this site, stick with the Facebook page, or both? What do you think of the proposed amendments?
How will we answer the main 2 contentious questions –
1) Should we keep the Electoral College, modify it, or eliminate it?
2) How should Congress and Congressional districts be set up? Two House Reps per district? More, smaller districts? Should senators be elected by state, region, or nationally?


Nathaniel DuPhene
Progressive Rebel
Endangered Patriot

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