Why Should We Amend the US Constitution?

Why a Constitutional Amendment? Why now? Because electoral politics has utterly failed to bring real, substantive change to the lives of average Americans, who are left behind by globalization, automation, and out-of-control health, education and governmental systems. The American government has failed the generational working poor, who are preyed upon by financial institutions, employers, and government institutions alike. Therefore, it is time for We, The People, to take back the power of government, in order to restrain abuses in legislative & executive bodies, party politics, and our system of courts today.

The goal of the 21st Century Bill of Rights, or Revive Democracy Coalition, is to bring transparency, accountability, and meaningful public oversight to our government, in order to curb the systemic corruption that rots our centers of power. Legislators will no longer choose their voters by making obscenely gerrymandered districts that snake over county & city lines with no regard for local community. The President will no longer be able to send troops, money, and weapons to foreign governments, rebels, and terrorists without the approval of the American people. Legislatures will no longer be able to exercise dictatorial control over local cities & school districts. State & local governments will no longer pay huge fees to corrupt banks in order to finance government operations.

One guarantee shall be a Post Office bank in every ZIP code in America. A place where any American can print documents, connect to the internet, pay bills, and transfer & manage their money. The dual issues of slave reparations & generational poverty will finally be addressed by setting up systems to produce a national dividend and/or Basic Income of $1,000 per month to every citizen, untaxed, with no restrictions on how it’s spent. Every person in America will have access to a medical treatment, and advancing the science & practice of medicine shall be a national priority. All this, backed up by a Constitutional guarantee that the government won’t interfere in health care decisions.

Citizens will finally have a constitutionally established method of petitioning the government, investigating government activities, tracking the performance of Federal appointees and officeholders, and have the legal means to impeach any of those persons if they are found to be corrupt, incompetent, have criminal intent, or fail to live up to the Core Mission of their department. Citizens will finally have a direct voice in the Core Mission and role of the Federal departments, which will themselves finally be constitutionally authorized.

The goal of the Revive Democracy Coalition is to give citizens the ability to partake & control our government. Truth be told, no country, not even ancient Athens, has really tried democracy before. Furthermore, in the USA today, our government isn’t even under majority control. Let’s at least TRY democracy instead of sliding further into a fascist neo-feudal oligarchy!

~Progressive Rebel 12/29/2016, updated 10/24/2018

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